GREEN based Consulting, headquartered in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA, is a Global Renewable Energy & Environmental Needs Based Consulting Division of Regional Earth System Predictability Research (RESPR), Inc.

RESPR is a successful an atmospheric simulation technology company that engages in developing high-tech products for the renewable energy, weather, and IT sectors.  Three other Divisions of RESPR, 1) WindForces , 2) SunCloudConfluence, and 3) Perpetual Ideation, offer Atmospheric Simulation Technology based wind energy assessment and forecasting, solar energy assessment and forecasting products/services and other non-renewable energy related technology products, respectively.,,,, and the Logos thereof are business brand names and images representing different Divisions of RESPR, Inc. and are owned by RESPR, Inc.

GREENbasedConsulting offers Renewable Energy Consulting Services to its global clients.  Its solutions are highly customized to suit specific customers and renewable energy projects.

The Founder of GREENbasedConsulting, Dr. James Stalker, has of late focused his career efforts on the renewable energy sector, particularly the wind and solar energy sector, for the past elven (11) years, in developing and marketing cutting-edge wind and solar energy assessment and forecasting products for this explosively growing renewable energy sector.  It is during this time he has come to know a great deal about wind, solar, and other renewable energy sectors and has realized the critical nature of solution-driven expert consulting services required by GREEN Based Consulting customers worldwide in order to bring projects to fruition in a timely and cost effective manner. He has access to several leading renewable energy experts to take on projects of all sizes and in many geographic locations around the world.  Dr. Stalker’s consulting team employs a unique consulting business model, that he has developed, to provide no-nonsense project solutions to its customers.

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