Consulting Services

GREENbasedConsulting customers  are often encouraged and urged to discuss their specific problems related to their project development efforts first.  In some cases, these customers choose to brainstorm with us to figure out what exactly the type of problems they are facing while trying to develop renewable energy projects.

GREENbasedConsulting personnel will make every effort to understand its customer needs first before they set out to provide any solutions.  And, in some cases, GREENbasedConsulting may recommend other consultants or products or services to achieve the most desirable solution for those customers.

GREENbasedConsulting services fall in three broad categories: 1)  roadmap development, 2) project implementation, and 3) operational management of energy assets.  In other words, GREENbasedConsulting takes a phased approach to consulting by developing a roadmap in phase one. 

In this phase (phase one), GREENbasedConsulting personnel clearly identify its customer needs/problems, project objectives (such as size), project time lines, budget, etc.  These details are provided in an easy to follow roadmap that executive managers, field managers, and tech personnel can use.  Such roadmaps will typically identify multiple vendors of products and services.

As the project progresses from the planning phase to the implementation phase (phase two), GREENbasedConsulting can help implement the strategic plan laid out in the roadmap.  GREENbasedConsulting can implement roadmaps it develops and/or those developed by other renewable energy consulting groups from around the world.  GREENbasedConsulting services are highly modular and, at the same time, comprehensive and flexible to offer more options to its customers.  

As part of the final phase (phase three), GREENbasedConsulting engages in asset management efforts.  Since GREENbasedConsulting is a newly formed consulting group and it is not looking to operate existing renewable energy assets as part of its core business model, it is mostly focusing on the first two categories of the renewable energy consulting services.

For further information on our consulting services or to discuss your project needs with one of our consultants, fill our contact form.